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Sennheiser Releases Colorful Headphones with the CX 215 and MX 365

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Red, orange, bronze, green, blue and brown are among the colors that adorn Sennheiser's new range of CX 215 and MX 365 earphones. Both earphone models provide a reportedly pleasing, dynamic sound experience and a good price-performance ratio.

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Seenheiser_cx_215_headphone_blue.jpg"The five color versions of the CX 215 ear-canal phones are based on what is known as the microscopic colors," explained Rajender Mogili, Product Manager at Sennheiser. To find optimum color shades, Sennheiser focused on the Color Trends 2011- which are also used by the fashion industry as a source of inspiration. Based on these findings, international fashion, design and industrial companies create their models for the coming year.

The trends for 2011 include what are known as microscopic colors. These are unexpected color shades that are derived in part from microscopic examinations of the plant and animal kingdom. Whether you choose red, orange, bronze, green or blue, the CX 215 ear-canal phones let you listen to your favorite music wherever you go while adding your own color personality to their design. To ensure optimum attenuation of background noise, the earphones include three sizes of ear adapters.

Sennheiser_mx_365_headphone_red.jpgModern graphic design trends and infographics that creatively illustrate knowledge and data were the source of inspiration for the six models of the new MX 365. White, orange, brown, bronze, dark blue and red make the earphones attractive and eye catching.

The CX 215 (MSRP: $59.95) and MX 365 (MSRP: $34.95) are available now.
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