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Sharp Begins Selling 70-inch HDTV

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TWICE reports that Sharp has officially started selling a 70-inch Quattron LCD HDTV, which Sharp maintains is the largest LCD television available. The new massive model is the LC-70LE732U and it will carry a suggested price tag of $3,800.

The new television will, of course be 1080p, with a 120Hz refresh rate and IPTV connectivity. But this is the first of several 70-inchers coming out.

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Sharp will release several more 70-inch models during the 2011 summer months. These new models are planned to include options with a 240Hz refresh rate and active-shutter 3D capability.

"U.S. consumers are clearly voting for large screen television," said John Herrington, Sharp Electronic Marketing Co. of America president. "It is the fastest growing segment. Consumers are demanding big, they are looking forward to big and they want bigger."

And it would appear Sharp plans to answer that demand.

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