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Sharp Electronics was founded in 1912 by child prodigy Tokuji Hayakawa. Sharp Corporation started as the maker of a unique snap belt buckle patented by Mr. Hayakawa at the age of 19. After patenting an adjustable flow faucet a year later, he perfected the mechanical pencil and received his third patent, while using his "Ever-Sharp Pencil" to officially name his company in 1916. Hayakawa then turned his attention to radio, and quickly Sharp began producing numerous acclaimed radio products and achieved enormous success throughout the next three decades, surviving the devastation of World War II.


In the early 1950s, Sharp began innovating television, and, starting in 1953, produced a number "visual radio sets". Sharp then began increasing its offerings in home appliances, including fans, refrigerators, and roasters, while laying the groundwork for future offerings in microwave ovens, computers, and medical equipment. Advances in Sharp's transistor-diode R&D led to its tremendous success in the burgeoning electronic calculator market, creating one of the company's true pillars of its success. Further developments in LCD technology added to the company's quality of products in this sector, as well as laid the foundation for yet another success, again in the world of television with its groundbreaking LCD offerings, culminating in recent years with its revered AQUOS line.

Today, Sharp holds the rare distinction of not only a stellar track record of pure financial success in virtually every area of consumer electronics, from audio to office products, from computing to appliances, from parts to core technologies, but also a grand reputation as a true innovator dating back to its very founding.

Best know for their LCD TV line, Sharp recently released the Quattron, an LCD with yellow pixels in addition to the traditional red, green, and blue.


Notable Sharp products include:

Sharp BD-HP80U 3D Blu-ray Player
Sharp BD-HP24U Blu-ray Player
Sharp LC-32LE700UN LED LCD


Sharp Electronics

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