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Sim2 Now Shipping Nero 3D-2 Projector

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Sim2_Nero_3D-2_3D_projector.jpgAccording to TWICE, Sim2 has begun shipping the Nero 3D-2, a single-chip 3D DLP projector meant to be the first model of a new Nero projector series. The remaining three additional Nero models are set to release in the next few months.

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The Nero 3D-2 is a 1080p projector that encases the Sim2-patented optical light engine and processing electronics in a sleek black cabinet. The projector also has the DynamicBlack technology to help improve black level performance and an alleged contrast ratio of up to 30,000:1.

As with many 3D projectors, a 3D emitter and glasses are required in order to take advantage of the Nero 3D-2's 3D functionality.

Sim2 plans to offer a choice of three different glass lenses for the Nero 3D-2 - the T1, T2, and T3 - giving the projector a ratio of 1.37-3.9:1.

The pricing options with lenses are as follows:

-Nero 3D-2 with T1: short-throw ratio 1.37-1.66:1 lens: $24,900
-Nero 3D-2 with T2: long-throw ratio 1.82-2.48:1 lens: $24,900
-Nero 3D-2 with T3: long-throw ratio 2.60-3.90:1 lens: $26,750
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