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Snell Acoustics


Snell Acoustics was founded in 1976 by Peter Snell. Snell designs and manufactures critically acclaimed loudspeakers for virtually every application. Indeed, Snell employs a unique method of design called "In Concept", whereupon its acclaimed home loudspeakers are re-designed for applications such as in-wall, etc.

Snell has employed some of the industry's most celebrated loudspeaker designers, including Kevin Voecks (now of Revel), and Joseph D'Appolito, creator of the D'Appolito Array loudspeaker design. Among its many other achievements, Snell helped to pioneer THX loudspeakers for the home.


Notable Snell Acoustics products include:

Snell A7
Snell B7
Snell IC-B7S

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Snell was part of D&M Holdings, but the brand was sadly closed in 2010.

Similar brands to Snell Acoustics include Aperion, B&W, Boston Acoustics, MartinLogan, and Klipsch.

Snell Acoustics

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Peabody, MA 01916-3717

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