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SOL Republic Tracks On-Ear Headphones Reviewed

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SOL_Republic_Tracks_headphone_review.jpgHigh Points
• The Tracks are durable. We have been using them for a while and the combination of the low-profile earpieces and flexible, high-strength headband makes for a strong system.
• The three-button remote worked well with my iPhone. It was well-positioned and easy to use, and the microphone provided good intelligibility.
• The aesthetic design and interchangeability may be the Tracks' strongest feature, given the role that headphones have assumed as a fashion piece. The ability to swap out components in a multitude of colors provides unprecedented flexibility.

Low Points
• The Tracks were not comfortable when wearing eyeglasses. This may vary with your head shape and glasses, but if you think you will be wearing glasses when you listen, be sure to try them on with your glasses before purchasing.
• A big selling point of the Tracks is their aesthetics. I found it notable that the high-gloss black finish on the sound engines attracts fingerprints like crazy.
• Audiophiles will note that the level detail in the midrange and the treble is not up to the level of the best performers in this price range.

The Tracks are easy headphones to recommend to most people. The Tracks do well with bass that goes fairly deep, with a good amount of detail. The midrange and highs were decent, with noticeable roll-off at the upper end. Where the Tracks fall short of higher performance headphones (and I presume the higher-end Tracks HD) is in their amount of resolution and detail. When comparing the Tracks to my old but six times as expensive Grado RS-1s or even Beats by Dre, the Tracks could not resolve as much detail in the midrange, although the Tracks provided more definition than Beats by Dre in the lower end and had more low-end punch than the Grado RS-1's.

The Tracks make for good everyday headphones for use in and outside of the house. Their sealed design means that they will not annoy fellow commuters or those trying to study nearby, making them suitable for travelers and students alike. The Tracks' sonic performance, coupled with lightweight durability, smartphone integration and reasonable price point, make them an easy choice. However, the ability to customize the Tracks via the SOL Republic website with a plethora of colors and designs is where the Tracks are unparalleled. I know of no other headphone company that comes close to providing its listeners with this amount of customization and, as headphones increase their prominence as a fashion accessory, the ability to customize your headphones to match your outfit or mood may become the unbeatable edge of the SOL Republic brand products.

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