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Sonance Architectural Z8F In-wall Speakers Reviewed

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HTR Product Rating

4.5 Stars
4 Stars
4.5 Stars

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High Points
• There is no baffle, so the speaker looks better installed than any other in-wall you will find. Other speaker companies are rushing to rip this design off, which Sonance should take as a big compliment.
• The grilles are the best in the business and represent an innovative new look at an AV category that was for years nothing more than a commodity.

Low Points
• In-walls are in-walls, so you can't expect the Sonance Z8F to sound like a pair of Wilson WATT Puppies parked in the middle of your living room.
• Other than for casual listening or auxiliary rooms, you really could use a subwoofer, which can be a little tricky to integrate seamlessly with in-wall speakers. It's not impossible - it just can take some careful calibration.

This is one of the most innovative ideas to his in-wall loudspeakers in years. The level of design that goes into a modern architectural home is monumental and, more so than in a traditional design, every detail matters. When one element is off in a room, the entire room can look out of sorts. Sonance has created a series of in-wall speakers that solve this problem and sound pretty damn good at the same time. Check them out if you are in the market for in-wall speakers at any price point.

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