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Sony HT-CT350 3D Soundbar Reviewed

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• The HC-CT350 provides a ton of connectivity, including three HDMI inputs, as well as an AM/FM tuner.

• The HC-CT350 sounds good over all types of material, and its simulated surround modes do the job.

Low Points
• The HC-CT350's subwoofer can't be located out of sight, as its remote eye is on the front.
• The HC-CT350 sounded a little canned in the mids and needed more punch in the bass.
• The HC-CT350 will not decode DTS-HD, Dolby Digital Plus, or Dolby True HD.

Competition and Comparison
To compare Sony's HT-CT350 against its competition, read our reviews for Samsung's HW-C450 soundbar, JVC's TH-BA1 soundbar, and Sony's own HT-CT150 3D soundbar.  For more information on different products, visit our Sound Bar section.

The HC-CT350 offers a modern, exciting value proposition for the soundbar consumer. It sounds very good, looks great and is unobtrusive cosmetically, and offers lots of connectivity and features. It decodes Dolby Digital and DTS, and the three HDMI inputs and HDMI output eliminate the need for separate video switching, which most of its competition requires. Sure, it lacks decoding for DTS-HD, Dolby Digital Plus, or Dolby True HD, but so do many of its competitors. The woofer's not wireless, and needing the woofer in the line of sight is a bit inconvenient. But the combination of sonics, cosmetics, and HDMI at its affordable price is very compelling. Sony has done a very nice job with the HC-CT350. Strongly recommended.

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