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Sony KDL-52NX800 LED LCD HDTV Reviewed

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Sony-KDL52NX800-reviewed.gifHigh Points
• This TV has a 1080p resolution and will accept 24p sources via its HDMI inputs.
• The edge-lit LED design allows for a slim cabinet.
• Motionflow 240Hz technology effectively reduces motion blur and offers multiple settings to tailor the smoothing effect to your liking.
• LCDs can be very bright, which makes them a good choice for a brightly lit viewing environment.
• The TV has plenty of connection options and picture adjustments.
• The KDL-52NX800 can connect to a network via a wired or wireless connection, receive streamed content from a DLNA server, and access Sony's BRAVIA Internet Video platform.

Low Points
• Edge-lit LED-based LCD TVs can suffer from brightness-uniformity issues, and their black levels are generally not as deep as you'll find with the better full-array LED-based TVs with local dimming.
• LCD viewing angles are not as good you'll find with a plasma TV.
• The KDL-52NX800 lacks 3D capability.
• It also lacks an IR or RS-232 port.
• The metallic base costs extra.

The KDL-52NX800 offers an excellent assortment of higher-end technologies and features. Its MSRP of $2,799.99 puts it at the higher end of the price spectrum compared with other similarly equipped models.

The TV's edge-lit LED design and slim profile give it a higher price premium than a traditional LCD TV; so, if you don't care about the TV's cabinet depth and want to save some money, you might consider a traditional LCD with a CCFL backlight. Sony is one of the few companies that still offers a 52-inch screen size in some lines (many companies now jump from 46 or 47 inches up to 55 inches); so, if you're in the market for a higher-end LED-based LCD specifically at the 52-inch size, you'll definitely want to take a look at the KDL-52NX800.

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