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Sony To Push 4K Tech at CES 2014

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Sony is about to give 4K technology a big push at the upcoming 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. Currently relegated mainly to movie theaters due to the format's high price and lack of content, that may soon change as Sony hopes 4K will overtake HD before long. With the price of 4K units falling steadily and Ultra HD content becoming more and more available by the day, it may only be a matter of time until it becomes the new standard. And not just Sony seems to think so.

sony4k_4999-100032530-large.jpgFrom PCWorld

Expect to hear a lot about 4K television from Sony at January's International CES show in Las Vegas.

The company will make existing and new 4K products the central theme of its presentation at the event as it gears up for a major push of the technology in 2014, Phil Molyneux, president of Sony Electronics, told reporters in a briefing in San Francisco on Sunday.

"We're the only company in the world that allows you to shoot 4K content, edit it on our computers, play it back on our 4K TVs via HDMI," he said. "We've built that eco-system out together with Vegas Pro so that people can come to Sony and have that unique experience."

But that doesn't necessarily make Sony into a winner when it comes to 4K. In the portable audio market, it managed to cede the lead to Apple's iPod despite having led the market for years with the Walkman, beaten Apple to market with a digital music player and had the backing of Sony Music.

Sony has spent the last few years trying to learn from those mistakes and says it's in a much stronger position now.

What's clear with 4K is that consumer demand is increasing, said Molyneux.

"When you see HD and you compare it with 4K, it's a remarkable difference," he said. "So you have to see it to really engage and believe it. If you look at the forecasted adoption rate of 4K over the last year, every three months the take-up rate on these reports have gone up and up and up."

He attributed the rising consumer demand to falling prices of 4K televisions.

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