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Sooloos LLC


Sooloos was established in New York City in 2001 and is the manufacturer of the world's most innovative, functional, and easy-to-use networked home entertainment system. The company creates advanced but easy-to-use technologies to locate, store, distribute, and manage a wide variety of media content, creating highly approachable and comprehensive home entertainment experiences that are extraordinarily social and enjoyable.

Sooloos effortlessly combines spectacular quality, rich metadata, and the industry's leading user interface to change forever the way we enjoy and interact with music, video, and photos.

Sooloos was purchased by Meridian in 2008 and is now distributed via their dealer network and as part of their digital theater systems.


Notable Sooloos products include:

Sooloos Control 15
Sooloos Ensemble
Sooloos Media Server System

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Sooloos LLC

110 Greene Street, Suite 608
New York, New York 10012

646-205-9276 - tel