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Without question, the hottest category in consumer electronics audio is soundbars. Not everyone wants a clunky 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system for their bedroom or main system. Some people want a solution that is sleek and that fits under their HDTV yet produces a good sound. This is exactly where soundbars come in. Some soundbars are powered and packing DSP - others are passive and require the use of an amplifier or AV receiver. Either way, most are thin and meet the standards set by today's Home Theater system. Below, find one of the largest collections of Soundbar reviews on the Internet.

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Niro 1.1 Pro Speaker System Reviewed

Niro 1.1 Pro Speaker System Reviewed

By HomeTheaterReview.com

Overall Rating
4 Stars

The Niro brand never made it in the world of consumer electronics but perhaps it was ahead of their time with soundbar-like, one-speaker audio systems and all-in-one electronics solutions with Japanese style. Read More