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Sound Components (Coral Gables)

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Sound Components is one of the most historically important audio video retailers in the history of high end audio up there with Sound by Singer in New York City and Christopher Hansen Ltd. in Beverly Hills. Today Sound Components has been completely rethought for the new economy and the cutting edge of integrated home technologies. Has Sound Components sold its audiophile soul? Not a chance as they still sell the likes of Wilson Audio, Krell, B&W and Paradigm.

Today Sound Components has a relatively new showroom that shows off the coolest new AV technologies including Crestron control "everything", behind-drywall speakers, HDTVs built into mirrors and a full state-of-the-art conference room. They also have a dedicated listening room where you can go crazy with audiophile goodies. Consider Sound Components not just one of the best AV firms in Florida - they are up there on the best AV dealers in the nation.

1536 Dixie Higway
Coral Gables

Phone: 305-665-4299

Product Lines: Wilson Audio, Krell, B&W and Paradigm.

* This dealer offers custom installation.

* This dealer has a retail showroom.

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