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Sound Lab was founded by legendary designer Roger West in 1978 and produces some of the best reviewed, most popular electrostatic loudspeakers in the world. Utilizing patented technology, Sound Lab products incorporate custom parts, unique geometric principles, and robust electronic circuits to achieve their open, uncolored, spacious sound.

Notable Sound Lab products include the Sound Lab Majestic 945. This 104" tall, 39.75" wide tower speaker is said to capture the delicacy of rain in life-like clarity, while still being powerful enough to reproduce thunder claps.


Frequency response is a claimed 24 Hz to... ultrasonics. With a radiating area of 3,125 square inches, it's not surprising they weigh in at 216 pounds each.

Similar to Sound Lab are companies such as Magnepan and MartinLogan.

Email: info@soundlab-speakers.com

Sound Lab

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