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Speakercraft was founded in the mid-1970s and helped to establish the custom installation industry all over the world with its comprehensive line of in-wall loudspeaker products.

Initially a product provider for other brands, Speakercraft began producing its own line of products and innovating along the way, providing the then-infant industry and dealer base with a steady stream of in-wall and in-ceiling products and solutions for its ever-increasing needs and demands. Now one of the most popular custom installation brands in the world, Speakercraft has also moved into the amplification, music server, and control system categories.


Notable Speakercraft products include:

Speakercraft AIM series with pivotable tweeter assemblies
Speakercraft BB1265 12-channel amplifier
Speakercraft Cinema Sub 10 in-wall subwoofer

Companies that are similar to Speakercraft are Niles, Sonance, Polk, PSB, and Atlantic Technology.


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