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Spectral was founded in 1977, and has produced a series of high-end, performance-oriented two-channel solid=state audio products that retain a devoted cult following. In addition to its acclaimed amplifier and preamplifier products, the company achieved worldwide recognition in the 1990s with its SDR-2000/3000 CD Transport/Processor combination.

Spectral also helped to co-develop a series of interconnects and loudspeaker cables with vaunted cable producer MIT. Current Spectral products have a decided 70's retro aesthetic that is just legit enough to be cool.


Other notable Spectral products include:

Spectral DMA-180 amplifier
Spectral MCR phono cartridge
Spectral DMC-10 preamp

Companies similar to Spectral include Parasound, Audio Research, Cary Audio, Krell, and McIntosh.

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