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Welcome to the world of power amps. Below and on the additional pages, you will find hundreds of reviews of audiophile grade power amps, including everything from affordable integrated amps to the most expensive tube and solid state amps. You'll absolutely be able to find the right amp for your floorstanding speakers or your bookshelf speakers. These pages of reviews cover every brand you could want: Audio Research, Krell, Mark Levinson, Cello, McIntosh, and dozens more.

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Air Tight ATC-1 Preamp and ATM-1 Power Amp Reviewed

Air Tight ATC-1 Preamp and ATM-1 Power Amp Reviewed

By HomeTheaterReview.com

Overall Rating
4 Stars

The ATC-1 was Airtight's first preamp introduced to the US and UK markets. With one of the most gloriously lush and musical presentations this side of Jadis, the ATC-1 delivers that tube sound without the tube noise. Read More