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Steven Stone's Associated Equipment

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Steven-Stone-head-shot.jpgSteven Stone is one of the best known audiophile reviewers in the world of specialty audio/video. He has written for Stereophile and The Absolute Sound, as well as HomeTheaterReview.com. He is currently the editor of the audiophile blog AudiophileReview.com.

Steven is a recording engineer and a collector of fine musical instruments. His audiophile system is deep-reaching in its scope, including many of today's best performing products and many meaningful historical audiophile products.

A complete list of his reference system (by component) is listed below:

room1.jpgDigital Source Devices:
• MacPro late 2003 w 3.7 Quad-core E5 with 16 GB of memory with OS 10.11.4, running iTunes and Amarra 2.1.1 music playing software, Pure Music 3.01 music playing software, Audirana+ 2.5 music playing software
• Sonos ZP 90
• NuForce BDP 93 NXE
• Oppo BDP-95 Blu-ray Player 
• Cary DMC600 SE Digital Hub

• Grace m9xx
• Mytek Brooklyn
• NuPrime DAC-10H
• Oppo HA-1
• April Music Eximus DP-1

room-2.jpgAnalog Source Devices:
• VPI TNT III with Graham 2.1 Tonearm and various cartridges on wands
• VPI HW-19 with Souther TQ-1 tonearm and Denon/VandDenHul 103 cart

•Tortuga Audio LDRx passive preamplifier
• Morrison E.L.A.D. active preamp
• Parasound P-7 multi-channel preamplifier
• Michael Yee Phono Preamp
• John Curl Vendetta 2B phono preamp

• Accuphase P-300 power amplifier
• Perreaux E110 amplifier
• April Music Eximus S1 mono blocks
• Bel Canto M-300 mono blocks
• Pass X-150.3 power amplifier
• NuForce ST-10 amplifier

• Audience 1+1 loudspeakers
• Silverline Minuet Supreme
• Role Audio Kayak
• AV123/Skiing Ninja X-Statik and Voce center speaker
• Spatial Audio M3 turbo SE loudspeakers
• Velodyne DD+ 10 subwoofer
• JL Acoustics F112 subwoofers

• AKG K-7xx
• AKG K553
• Audeze LCD 2 bamboo
• Audio Technica ATH-A900x
• Beyer Dynamic DT880 250 ohm
• Beyer Dynamic DT990 600 ohm
• HiFiMan HE-560
• Sennheiser HD600
• Sennheiser HD700
• Grado RS-1
• Stax Nova Lambda Pro
• AudioQuest NightHawk
• Ultimate Ears IN Ear Reference Monitors
• Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered
• Westone ES-6
• Westone W-60
• Jerry Harvey Laylas
• Astell & Kern AK8iE
• Etymotic ER-4

Portable Players:
• Astell & Kern AK100
• Astell & Kern AKjr
• Astell & Kern AK240
• Calyx M
• Sony NWZ-X2
• Questyle RP-1
• Colorfly C4
• Apple iPod Classic 160

Cables and Accessories:
• Wireworld USB cable
• Wireworld Eclipse 7 interconnect
• Kimber KCAG cable
• PS Audio Power Plant Premier 
• PS Audio Quintet, Dectet, and Octet
• AudioQuest CV 4.2 speaker cable
• AudioQuest Colorado interconnect
• Cardas Clear interconnect
• Crystal Cable Piccolo interconnect
• Audience 24 Se speaker cable

Learn more about Steven Stone from his Google Profile.