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Steven Stone's Associated Equipment

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Steven-Stone-head-shot.jpgSteven Stone is one of the best known audiophile reviewers in the world of specialty audio-video. He has written for publications including Stereophile and The Absolute Sound as well as HomeTheaterReview.com. He is currently also the editor of the audiophile blog, AudiophileReview.com.

Steven is recording engineer and a collector of fine musical instruments. His audiophile system is deep-reaching in its scope including many of today's best performing products as well as many meaningful historical audiophile products.

A complete list of his reference system (by component) is listed below:

Steven-Stone-System-Rack-of-Components.jpgDigital Source Devices:
• MacPro model 1.1 Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz computer with 16 GB of memory with OS 10.6.7, running iTunes 10.2.1 and Amarra 2.1.1 music playing software, Pure Music 1.8 music playing software, Audirana music playing software
• Meridian/Sooloos Control 15
• Sonos ZP 90
• Apple TV
• NuForce BDP 93 NXE
• Oppo BDP 95
• Meridian 598 DP player

• Weiss DAC 202
• Empirical Audio Off-Ramp 3
• Wyred4Sound Dac2
• Musical Fidelity M-1 DAC
• The Young Dac

Analog Source Devices:
• VPI TNT III with Graham 2.1 Tonearm and various cartridges on wands.
• VPI HW-19 with Souther TQ-1 tonearm and Denon/VandDenHul 103 cart.

• Reference Line Preeminence One passive preamp
• Morrison E.L.A.D. active preamp
• Parasound P-7
• Anthem AVM-20
• Meridian 568.2
• Michael Yee Phone Preamp
• John Curl Vendetta 2B phono preamp

• Parasound A23
• Edge Electronics AV-6
• Accuphase P-300 power amplifier
• Perreaux E110 amplifier
• Krell S-150 monoblock amplifiers

• Mirage OMD-5
• Aerial Acoustics 5B
• Silverline Minuet Supreme
• Paradigm S1
• Role Audio Kayak
• AV123/Skiing Ninja X-Statik and Voce center speaker
• Genesis 6.1 Surround system
• Earthquake Supernova mk IV 10 subwoofer
• Velodyne DD+ 10 subwoofer
• JL Acoustics F112 subwoofers

Cables and Accessories:
• Locus Design Polestar USB cable
• Locus Design Nucleus USB cable
• Wireworld USB cable
• PS Audio Quintet
• AudioQuest CV 4.2 speaker cable
• AudioQuest Colorado interconnect
• Cardas Clear interconnect
• Crystal Cable Piccolo interconnect
• Empirical Audio Coax digital cable
• Audioprism Ground Controls
• Synergistic Research Designers Reference interconnect and speaker cable

Learn more about Steven Stone from his Google Profile.