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Stewart Conceals Screen With Media Decor

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Stewart Filmscreen Corporation just introduced Stewart Media Décor, an innovative deployment system that lowers a piece of custom artwork over a fixed Stewart projection screen (or flat panel TV) when they are not in use.

Partnering with Media Décor, the Stewart Media Décor system conceals a front or rear projection screen with exquisite artwork in enlarged sizes ranging from 92" to 110" diagonal, in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Stewart Media Décor provides homeowners, interior designers, systems integrators, and homebuilders a sophisticated and tasteful solution to discretely camouflage residential entertainment centers and business boardrooms.

A customized frame that compliments the customer's décor is placed around the Stewart screen. Using the accompanying remote control or a RS-232C controlled touch panel, Media Décor's patented floating hem-bar and magnetic tensioning system silently and smoothly lowers the artwork within the frame to conceal the projection screen. When the homeowner wants to use the projection system, the artwork is raised to reveal the screen. The Stewart Media Décor system is powered by a Lutron Sivoia QED Electronic Drive Unit to ensure whisper-quiet operation. The frame and artwork is all self-contained and installs easily over any recessed or wall mounted projection screen. While designed primarily for Stewart projection screen systems, the Stewart Media Décor can be used with flat panel TVs, too.

The artwork contained within the Stewart Media Décor uses the Giclee (pronounced Zhee-Clay) printing technology. This high-speed process that fires infinitely small pixels of rich, vibrant inks onto a special canvas material, rendering smooth, consistent and museum-quality reproductions. A UV protectant is then applied to the canvas, forming an invisible non-yellowing and crack resistant topcoat.

The Stewart Media Décor collection consists of a diverse selection of world-renowned artwork. Clients can choose to use their own custom art or photography as well. Businesses can use the Stewart Media Décor system as digital signage incorporating business art and logos.

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