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Stewart Filmscreen Develops Mystik Self-Adhesive Projection Material

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stewart_filmscreen_logo.gifStewart Filmscreen just today their new Mystik! screen, a self-adhesive projection material designed for use in digital signage applications. Mystik! is ideal as a storefront application, as well as in other retail and public venues when a 2-piece projection solution is desired.

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With Stewart Filmscreen's latest development, Mystik! reportedly allows for the immersive viewing experience of a 2-piece projection solution to be easily deployed in venues such as retail outlets, trade shows, restaurants, museums, public venues, training centers, reception areas, vacant office spaces, and more. What sets Mystik! apart from the commodity self-adhesive screens is that it is specially formulated for this application. It offers a very wide viewing angle in a contrast enhanced material and can perform well when paired with short throw projectors. Mystik! delivers the quality and fine-tuned performance you have come to expect from Stewart Filmscreen.

Designed with peak performance in mind, Mystik! is apparently 4k ready, optimized for enhanced resolution projectors and content. Available in standard sizes and aspect ratios, Mystik! can also be made for custom applications on request. For added versatility, the material is available in roll form, up to 78" wide and 50' long for trimming on-site.

It's a cool piece of technology that would be fascinating were it to work its way into the home theater products.
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