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Stewart Filmscreen Introduces CIMA Screen

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Stewart-Filmscreen-CIMA-screen.jpgStewart Filmscreen Corporation recently announced the introduction of CIMA by Stewart Filmscreen, a new screen line offering standard configurations and sizes for projects that are less need specific, but still demand quality, durability and performance.

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The breakthrough design of CIMA by Stewart Filmscreen provides a lot of versatility to integrators. With CIMA, Stewart provides integrators with a screen solution that has been designed to deliver exceptional performance under a wide range of viewing conditions and at a competitive price. This allows more end customers including burgeoning home theater enthusiasts to experience the quality and performance of a Stewart.

The line offers basic screen configurations in both white and gray screen material depending on the environment. The NEVE white screen material is ideally suited for applications where lighting control is available, while the TIBURON gray screen material is optimized for applications with less lighting control.

CIMA by Stewart Filmscreen is available in fixed frame wallscreen, above ceiling electriscreen, and below ceiling electriscreen mounting options for maximum versatility and ease of install. Electric roller screens come with optional IMC low voltage control for interconnectivity. CIMA screens make installation a very straightforward process and the available options are intended to suit most any standard commercial or residential purpose.
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