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Stewart Filmscreen's Couture Collection featuring Swarovski Elements Front Projection Screen Reviewed

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Stewart_Filmscreen_Couture_Collection_projector_screen_review.jpgFront projection-based systems are pretty cool and the ultimate expression of creating the cinema experience at home. However, when the lights are on and the show isn't about to start - a front projection system is nothing more than a blank canvas resting on a wall awaiting an image from a not too nearby front projector. Front projection screens are notoriously a duotone affair: a white or grey screen surrounded by a chunky black frame, a frame that is usually clad in some sort of velvet or velvet-like material. Stewart Filmscreen, makers of some of the finest front projection screens in the world, has set out to change the public perception of what a film screen can be by bejeweling it.

Bejeweling it?

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That's right, Stewart Filmscreen, in partnership with Swarovski, has created the Couture Collection, a range of front projection screens from Stewart clad in bedazzled frames covered in Swarovski loose cut crystals. Prices vary depending on the size, shape and screen materials used as well as finish of the frames themselves, so you should contact your local Stewart Filmscreen dealer for the most up to date and accurate pricing. Standard finishes for the Couture Collection include diamond, onyx, silver, gold, rubellite, amethyst, sapphire, ruby, emerald, aquamarine, peridot and topaz. Custom finishes are available at an extra cost. As for the screen itself, you can order your Couture Collection screen in any of Stewart's fine screen materials including those designed for rear projection, such as StarGlas. The screen material itself is surrounded by a Black VeLux trim so as to maintain a sharp edge and contrast.

The Couture Collection's performance is largely dependent upon what material you choose and where in your home you choose to install it, for the crystal encrusted frame itself does nothing to enhance your favorite film or television show. Instead, it endeavors to enhance your experience of the screen itself when NOT in use. In ambient to bright light situations the frame does shimmer and sparkle a bit but not with a sort of disco ball effect I was expecting. With the lights off, the frame has little to no negative impact on the projected image. Now, it does not disappear into the surrounding darkness for it does pick up bits of reflected light here and there but nothing too distracting for anyone but the most die-hard videophiles, whom, lets be honest, wouldn't dream of owning a screen such as the Couture Collection.

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