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Sumiko Announces Successor to the Pro-Ject Debut III - The Debut Carbon Turntable

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Pro-ject-Debut-Carbon-Turntable.jpgThe launch of the Debut turntable from Pro-Ject Audio Systems in the late 1990's anticipated a resurgence of interest in vinyl record playback by creating a basic, yet performance driven, turntable at an affordable price.

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Over the last decade, the Debut, in its several iterations, has become a reference for the entry-level turntable. April 2012 sees the release of the Debut Carbon, a rethinking of the Debut platform that sets a new standard.

The most profound upgrade is the addition of the 8.6" completely carbon fiber tonearm that increases stiffness while reportedly decreasing unwanted resonances resulting in a higher fidelity presentation. Fitted to the carbon fiber arm is a true high-end cartridge, the 2M Red by Ortofon.

The resonance-reducing MDF plinth supports a heavier 300mm diameter metal platter for smoother rotation and lower wow and flutter. The platter and plinth assembly sits upon four-point "O"-ring feet designed for energy absorption and the plinth-mounted motor is isolated by a new Sorbothane suspension keeping unwanted noise and vibration to a bare minimum. Chassis mounted RCA output jacks allow for the use of higher quality interconnects for better sonic performance.

The Debut Carbon is offered in seven high-gloss fashion colors (Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Silver or White) and a full-sized hinged dustcover is included. The Debut Carbon will be available April 2012 for $399.
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