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SunBriteTV Introduces Marquee Series Direct Sunlight-Readable All-Weather Displays

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SunBrite_DS-4707EST_LCD_Display.jpgSunBriteTV just debuted the new Marquee Series All Weather Digital Signage Displays at InfoComm 2012. Employing SunbriteTV's proprietary Extended Solar Tolerance (EST) technologies and standard weatherproof features, the Marquee Series offers outdoor digital signage solutions with screen sizes ranging from 47- to 55- inches.

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Available in 47-inch (DS-4707EST) and 55-inch (DS-5507EST) sizes, the Marquee Series features a weatherproof design and ultra-bright LCD displays that reportedly have the ability to perform in direct sunlight with no isotropic blackout effects.

Both models feature extra bright 700nit LCD panels and SunBriteTV's high-temperature Extended Solar Tolerance (EST) technology that cools the LCD panel. The result is allegedly a high performance HD display that delivers incredibly bright images and is capable of enduring exposure to direct sunlight while avoiding isotropic blackout, without the need for external housings and cooling systems that are employed in current applications.

The Marquee Series displays are designed with tough and durable powder-coated aluminum all-weather exterior construction, and are engineered to resist moisture, humidity, dust, insects, sunlight and temperature extremes. All Marquee Series digital signage displays include a tempered anti-reflective glass front window that provides added protection to the LCD screen and include a sealed wiring compartment to keep moisture out.

While these may be signage displays, improvements in the anti-glare technology can only serve to help with the design and production of SunBriteTV's dedicated HDTVs.

SunBriteTV Marquee Series digital signage displays will be available in Summer 2012 at MSRP of $4,995 (DS-4707EST) and $6,995 (DS-5505EST).
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