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Sunfire Debuts Its Smallest, Most Powerful Subwoofer: the Atmos

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Sunfire recently debuted its Atmos subwoofer, which the company claims is the smallest, most powerful subwoofer in its class.

The Atmos features a custom designed 6.5" woofer paired with a new asymmetrical cardiod surround, allowing over 1.5" of excursion. Resembling the variable thickness of the human heart, the surround provides control of the 6.5" driver, reportedly reducing distortion and increasing fidelity and reliability. 

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Quietly containing the 1400W amplifier using Sunfire's exclusive Tracking Downconverter technology required new engineering, which is why Sunfire used FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to design the Atmos, including the aluminum cabinet and the drivers as well as redesigning the Tracking Downconverter amplifier.

Sunfire knows that every room is different, which is why the Atmos features an auto-room equalizer circuit that is designed to automatically adjusts the sub's response to suit the room acoustics.

And with a footprint just over 10 square inches, the Atmos fits anywhere. Two Atmos subwoofers can be paired with just one wire through its master/slave connectors.

The Atmos will begin shipping in Q2 2011 on a limited availability basis.

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