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Sunny Components (Covina)

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Sunny Components is one the biggest audiophile up-and-comers in the Southern California market today. They sell and more specifically show some of the bigger Wilson Audio speakers such as the Sasha WP, MAXX3, and XLF loudspeakers in their showroom located in Covina, California.

Sunny Components has an extensive background in semi-conductors. Today they have a robust line of home theater and audiophile products including: Audio Research, Boulder Amplifier, T+A, Octave, Integra, NAD, Luxman, Hanss, Rega, Runco, Wilson Audio, Dynaudio, MartanLogan, NOLA Loudspeakers, Elite TV, Transparent Cables, Shunyata Cables, Straightwire Cables  and many more.

URL: www.sunnyaudiovideo.com

1370 E. Cypress Street Suite D

Phone: (626) 966-6259

Fax: (626) 966-5467

Product Lines: Wilson Audio, Dynaudio, Audio Research, Boulder Amplifier, T+A, Ayre Acoustics, Wadia Digital, Octave Audio, Peachtree Audio, Integra, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, Revel, Rega, Luxman, Spiral Groove, Sonics, Transparent Cable, Shunyata cables, StraightWire, Wi

* This dealer offers custom installation.

* This dealer has a retail showroom.

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