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Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD) Player


SACD players play Super Audio CDs (SACDs) and convert their digital audio (DSD) into either stereo or 5.1 music signals. There are single-disc SACD players, as well as five-disc SACD changers. SACD players can be stereo-only or multi-channel SACD players have 5.1 audio outputs.

Audiophiles today still cling onto SACD as a format and invest in SACD players, despite the format's death in mainstream music and audio. SACD continues to represent about as good a sound as a consumer can find in the marketplace today and some boutique labels (Linn Records, Chesky, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs) and others still sell music on SACD.

The main competitor in the high-rez disc market was DVD-Audio which used Meridian Lossless Packing.

Most high-end SACD players were stereo. Modern universal players play both SACD and DVD-Audio, and usually Blu-ray.


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