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Sutherland Engineering was founded by legendary audio engineer Ron Sutherland (co-founder of Martin Logan - "Logan" being his middle name). Sutherland products represent a cost-no-object, handcrafted approach to two-channel audio. Featuring minimalist cosmetics, painstaking engineering and execution, and very unique control systems that seem like they are right out of the Starship Enterprise,

Sutherland is most famous for its "instrument grade" preamplifiers and phono stages.

Notable Sutherland Engineering products include:

Sutherland PH-3D and Hubble phono preamplifiers, which use 16 D-Cell batteries for power.
Sutherland Timeline, a laser-based time measurement device
Sutherland 20/20 phono preamp, with its dual-AC power-supplies, seems almost normal by comparison


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Sutherland Director and Ph. D Preamp and Phono Stage

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