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SVS is an Ohio, based maker of speakers - most specifically critically acclaimed subwoofers.

SVS sells direct through their website (or through dealers outside of the US), and offer a 45 day money back guarantee. A 3-year warranty is also included.

Notable products include the SVS PB13-Ultra is a beast, with a 1,000-watt amp, 13.5-inch woofer, and a claimed extension down below 16 Hz. Also notable is the SVS PC13-Ultra DSP, a 46-inch tall cylindrical version subwoofer.


The SVS M-Series/02 speakers are a line of home theater speakers. The MTS-02 tower speakers have a claimed frequency response of 38 Hz to 24kHz, and an 88.5 dB sensitivity.

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Similar to SVS are companies like HSU Research, REL, Sunfire, and Velodyne.

Email: sales@svsound.com

Youngstown, OH

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