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T+A Elektroakustik


T+A Elektroakustik are German-made, very high-end, electronics and speakers that are imported by Dynaudio North America in the United States. Since 1978, T+A Elektroakustik has been based in Herford, Germany, and are proud of their goal to "reproduce music from all sources to the highest possible standard of quality, with the greatest possible fidelity to the original material." They are also proud of their product's "extremely" long life cycles, and retrofit options.

The "T+A" in T+A Elektroakustik stands for "Theory and Application," or more precisely, "Theorie und Anwendung."


Notable T+A Elektroakustik products include:

T+A Elektroakustik K8 Blu-ray Receiver
T+A Elektroakustik V 10-2 tube integrated amp
T+A Elektroakustik Talis aluminum tower speakers

Similar brands to T+A Elektroakustik include Burmester, Canton, MBL, Dynaudio, and Goldmund.

Email: info@ta-hifi.com

T+A Elektroakustik

Planckstra�?e 9 - 11
Herford, 32052

+49 (0) 52 21 / 76 76 - 0 - tel
+49 (0) 52 21 / 76 76 - 76 - fax