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Tara Labs


Tara Labs is an audiophile maker of speaker cables, interconnects and other performance oriented cables and audiophile accessories.

First founded in Sydney, Austrailia in 1965, Tara Labs quickly became known in audiophile circles for their Phase II speaker cable, unique for it's solid core. A few years later Tara again made a splash with Rectangular Solid Core cables, so named for their extruded rectangular conductor.


Now based in Ashland, Oregon, Tara Labs makes a wide variety of video, audio, digital, and power cables. Notable among these are the Tara Labs Omega Gold, the Tara Labs RSC Prime M1, and the Tara Labs RSC RS-1.

Similar to Tara Labs are brands that include Ultralink, Monster Cable, MIT, and Transparent.

Tara Labs

1020 Benson Way
Ashland, OR 97520

(541) 488-6465 - tel
(541) 488-6463 - fax