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Technics, a division of Matsushita, was introduced in 1965 as a high-end audio brand. Initially Technics was targeted at loudspeakers but eventually specializing in direct-drive turntables. These turntables gained some footing in the consumer market, but mainly carved out a niche within the professional audio community. DJs, as well as rappers, used models such as the SL-1100 and SL-1200 with great regularity. The pitch control and stable speed provided by the direct drive of the Technics machines fit perfectly within these markets, which valued such features over the usual high noise side effects created by direct drive. Technics also produced CD players and portable audio products, but never re-established itself past its professional audio foundation.

Today the brand still flourishes in such markets, offering turntables, mixers, and accessories.


Notable Technics products include:

Technics SA-8500X Quadraphonic receiver
SU-V3 integrated amplifier
Technics SV-DA10
Technics SL-DZ1200

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Similar to Technics are brands like Panasonic, Audio Technica, Pioneer, Denon, and Numark.


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