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The 10 Best Audiophile Speakers List - 2009

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PSB Alpha B Bookshelf Speakers ($249 per pair)
We need to gush for the PSB Alpha speakers just like we did the Paradigm Atom v5 speakers, as both are killer, low-cost Canadian options for people looking for audiophile sound without an exotic budget. The PSB Alphas sell better today than when Paul Barton released them nearly two decades ago. The Alphas are a fantastic speaker product with a true cult following.

To learn more about PSB products, read the reviews of the PSB Imagine B bookshelf speaker and the PSB Imagine T loudspeaker.


Revel Concerta F12 Floorstanding Speaker ($1,200 per pair)
Revel is Harman's (parent of JBL, Lexicon, Mark Levinson etc.) top of the line speaker brand and thanks to the power of outsourcing speaker manufacturing from Southern California to Mexico, we get affordable bookshelf speakers that sound an awful lot like their $20,000 per pair Revel Ultima Salon 2 speakers without the sexy finish and 10x price. For pure audiophile systems the Revel F12s will take esoteric playback sources and make sweet music. For Blu-ray based home theaters, you are going to struggle to find more audiophile goodness than these speakers at their price.

For more information, read HomeTheaterReview.com's official review of the Revel Concerta F12.


Wilson Audio Sasha WP ($26,900 per pair)
Don't ask me why Wilson changed the name of the most successful high end audio speakers of all time, but the new Sasha WP loudspeakers represent the ninth level of amazing refinement for David Wilson's recording monitors. With over 8,000 pairs of WATT Puppies on the market today ranging in historical retail price from $10,000 to $28,000 per pair - the speaker offers tremendous value to go along with their prodigious cost. These advantages include the idea that Sasha WPs use very little power from your amp, have a tremendous wife-friendly footprint, thus can gain acceptance into a real-world living room. Wilson speakers also come in some of the best looking finishes anyone has ever seen. And lastly they sound incredibly good for everything from 24/192 studio tracks to hashed out MP3s on a 14 year old's iPod.

Read another Wilson Audio review, the Wilson Audio Thor's Hammer.

These lists are designed to start discussion and provoke thought on the topic. Please feel free to post speakers that you think could have made the list and or should have made the list below. We look forward to hearing from you as we had dozens of other speakers that we could have posted here but couldn't because this is a 10 speaker list.

Honorable Mentions

There are a lot of speakers that are truly fantastic but don't make the uber-over-the-top audiophile list but in many ways meet the value proposition demanded by customers buying speakers today. One of the most popular are round speakers designed for use with today's 3D HDTVs and LED backlit HDTVs from Orb Audio. Orb has received some very good ink including a review of the Orb Audio Mod1 home theater system. Another player that gets a lot of hype is Aperion Audio who really specializes in loudspeaker value and customer service. The Intimus 6T tower speaker was reviewed in August 2009 by Andrew Robinson on HomeTheaterReview.com with glowing terms. For those looking to learn more about speakers check out the following resources for your reading pleasure: All About Floorstanding SpeakersAll About Bookshelf Speakers, In-wall SpeakersOn-wall speakerssubwoofersheadphones, and sound bar speaker systems.

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