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The Word For The Day is Autostereoscopic When It Comes To 3D

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NotAllFilmsShouldbe3D.gif3D is coming and it's coming in a big way, but I am just not sure that consumers are willing to watch movies wearing 3D watching glasses. If you have a prescription that's one thing, but strapping on battery powered, $200 a pair glasses that are needed to watch a system based around a new HDTV, a new HDMI 1.4 receiver, a new Blu-ray player linked up all with new cables seems like a stretch to me. Seriously, each pair of glasses costs nearly what a 3D capable Blu-ray player costs today. That's a major hurdle.

3D is compelling content even if it isn't plentiful at this point. HDTV wasn't everywhere when it first came out, nor will 3D be everywhere when it first comes to market. Filmmakers will take the extra crayons in the carton and run with them, and to be able to see their vision at home will be something that millions will be willing to invest in. The question is - will they wear special glasses to see what 3D has to offer?

Enter the concept of autostereoscopic 3D.

This is the idea of watching 3D without glasses and while possible theoretically, it isn't ready right now or any time in the very near future but it is the key to the future of 3D video that will shape home theater, home video, satellite HDTV and video gaming - just for starters.

Should you sit on the sidelines holding out for another level of 3D? Not really. You should plan for the future - but the long term future of 3D is autostereoscopic. You heard it here first...

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