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Theta Digital Ships Updated Casablanca III HD Preamp

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Theta Digital, began shipments of its updated flagship preamp processor the Casablanca III HD. Originally introduced over 15 years ago, the Casablanca has undergone continuous development designed to maintain it. In it's latest iteration, the Casablanca III HD adds 4 HDMI 1.4 inputs and decoding for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio to the Casablanca III platform.

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Depending on the user-selected configuration, pricing for the Casablanca III HD with 8 channels of Digital to Analog conversion starts at $14,995 and can run to well over $20,000 when configured for 12-channel output using Theta Digital's top-of-the-line Xtreme D-2 D to A converters.

Theta Digital also announced two new programs designed to allow owners of previous generations of the Casablanca preamp/processor to keep their components up-to-date.

The first program adds 3 new circuit boards, a new power supply and new operating system to the Casablanca III and brings it fully to Casablanca III HD status. MSRP for the HD upgrade is $4,995.00.

The second program offers owners of the Casablanca I or II, previous generations of the Theta Digital preamp/processor, a trade-in allowance of up to $5,000 applied to the purchase of the new Casablanca III HD.

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