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Theta Digital is one of the most acclaimed high end digital electronics brands of the 1980s and 1990s. Theta began as a quest to improve CD sound, modifying Philips CD players and eventually producing its own CD playback system comprised of separates. This creation incorporated Theta's own proprietary DSP-based oversampling system using high processing power and custom code, a circuit which would become the hallmark of Theta's future D/A converter offerings, which helped to establish the huge high-end digital separates category of the era.

Theta eventually produced CD transports and players, along with a complete line of home theater electronics including preamplifier/processors and amplifiers. Bought by amplifier manufacturer ATI in 2007, Theta remains a significant name in high-end digital products.


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Brands that are similar to Theta include Sunfire, Krell, and Simaudio.

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