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Thiel Audio is the brainchild of legendary speaker designer Jim Thiel, marketed by the savvy Kathy Gornik, Thiel Loudspeakers have remained a fixture of high-end audio and home theater since the late 1970s. Thiel pioneered the now widely-used concepts of time and phase coherence in loudspeaker design, through the use of sloped baffles and coaxial drivers combined with custom crossover networks.

Thiel's 3.6 model achieved levels of sales still-unheard of in affordable high-end loudspeakers, and remains one of the most popular loudspeakers of all time. Thiel has since moved into the home theater and architectural loudspeaker sectors, with equal success, and remains one of the most recognized and respected brand names in the industry. Thiel and Gornik (an active member of the Consumer Electronics Association) also were into liberal causes like green and renewable materials more than a decade before "green" was cool.

In September 2009, the A/V world mourned the loss of Jim Thiel to cancer. The brand he built for over 30 years still goes strong.


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There is also a Thiel Audio blog, written by several Thiel employees.

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