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THIEL Introduces 40th Anniversary Speaker Line

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THIEL-40-2.jpgAt this week's Consumer Electronics Show, THIEL Audio will show off a variety of new products, including the 40th Anniversary speaker line due out in the first quarter of 2017. More details should be available after the show, but we know the line includes three models: the flagship 40.3 four-way tower speaker, the 40.2 three-way tower speaker (shown here), and the 40.1 two-way bookshelf monitor. THIEL is bringing its manufacturing back to the United States, including the custom cabinet work, the crossovers, and the final speaker assembly.

From THIEL Audio
THIEL Audio Products LLC has announced that they are celebrating forty years of premiere sound by showcasing 18 new products at CES 2017 that will begin shipping in Q1 2017. Among these new products are an exclusive 40th Anniversary line of loudspeakers.

This new collection of loudspeakers proudly brings all THIEL manufacturing back to the United States with custom finished cabinetry made in Georgia, upgraded crossovers made in Kentucky, with driver design and final assembly taking place in Tennessee.

"Bringing manufacturing back to the United States is a strategic move to elevate the level of quality and precision of the 40th Anniversary product line and future products launched by the company," says Stuart Levine, Chief Revenue Officer for THIEL.

The 40th Anniversary series is comprised of the flagship 40.3 4-way tower speaker, 40.2 3-way tower speaker and the 40.1 2-way bookshelf monitor. All models are built to enhance both entertainment and style by delivering a customized design and experience for every consumer.

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