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Threshold was founded in 1974 by legendary audio designer Nelson Pass. Threshold products carved out a very unique and lucrative niche between affordable high-end electronics and the lunatic fringe. Threshold products owned a stellar reputation for their robust champagne and silver cosmetics, and cutting-edge circuitry including the groundbreaking, patented STASIS circuit which produced a formidable combination of sound quality, power levels, and reliability.

Threshold produced a number of world-class amplifiers and preamplifiers, and continued to innovate after Mr, Pass departed. The company, although experiencing a downturn in the late 1990s (along with most of the rest of high-end audio electronics manufacturers), rebounded in the early 2000s with a series of active loudspeakers utilizing the STASIS circuit. Nelson Pass later founded Pass Labs.


Notable Threshold products include:

Threshold T/Pod preamp
Threshold STASIS-R 3.0 preamp
Threshold STASIS 7.0 Amplifier

Similar to Threshold are brands that include Boulder, Conrad-Johnson, Parasound, and Pass Labs.

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