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Totem Acoustics was founded in 1987 in Canada and started with one very successful model, the two-way Model 1, and produced only it for the next five years. The company has managed to not only build on that offering with numerous smaller, and larger models across many categories including home theater and architectural, but indeed flourish.

Notable products include the Totem Wind, a 3-way tower speaker with angular design. It has a claimed frequency response of 24 Hz to 21 kHz and a sensitivity of 87 dB. Also notable are the Totem Tribe series, the Totem Arro, and the Totem Hawk speakers.


HomeTheaterReview.com's Totem Acoustics product reviews include:

Totem Acoustic Wind Design Loudspeaker
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Companies similar to Totem Acoustics include Energy, Mirage, PSB, and Paradigm.

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Totem Acoustics

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