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Tribeca Flashpoint Academy and LG Team Up to Make 3D Available to Filmmakers and Consumers

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LG_Cinema_3D_3D_HDTV.gifJoining forces with Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, LG is bringing the next-generation of 3D TV technology to budding filmmakers for the first time.

Under this new company initiative, LG is providing students and faculty with resources to produce 3D content, as well as financial support to help drive the 3D genre forward. Tribeca Flashpoint Academy students in Chicago are creating 3D short films that will debut on LG's new Cinema 3D HDTVs during the 10th Annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, which runs from April 20 through May 1.

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Films that are to be showcased at the Festival include two short films on The Flying Wallendas Highwire Family, which translate the excitement and tension inherent in a highwire performance that cannot be captured in a 2D audience perspective; and an animated film, "The Universe of 3D," illustrating beauty, motion and the many layers of depth of one object.

"As the 3D film genre and at-home 3D TV technology continue to grow, it's becoming increasingly important for young filmmakers to learn the ropes of shooting and editing in 3D," said Jon Patricof, COO, Tribeca Enterprises. "It's great to see companies like LG becoming more involved and wanting to help to provide aspiring filmmakers with the resources they need to create content for both the cinema enthusiast and viewer at home and we are thrilled to be showcasing this work at the Tribeca Film Festival."

LG Cinema 3D HDTVs use a similar 3D technology as employed in movie theatres, meaning the glasses do not need to sync with an emitter. The reasonable cost of the glasses also makes it easier to buy as many pairs as needed to host family and friends for a 3D movie or sports night.

"As we continue to bring 3D technology into the mainstream, our goal is to make it more accessible to filmmakers and consumers alike," said Peter Reiner, senior vice president, marketing, LG Electronics USA. "LG is proud to partner with Tribeca Flashpoint Academy to help tomorrow's filmmakers hone their 3D skills, and in turn to help satisfy the growing desire for 3D content for consumers to enjoy."

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