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Ultimate Ears UE11pro In-ear Headphones

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So you want to live like a rock star? Then you need Ultimate Ears UE10pro in-ear monitors, as they are the absolute reference standard in-ear monitor for performers of all ages, genres and beyond. These ultra-high-technology speakers are designed to go right into your ear canal and present the most accurate, dynamic sound you have ever heard. Today, the Ultimate Ear UR10Pro costs (without a professional fitting which is needed) $1,150, which makes them absolutely the most expensive speaker of their kind on the market.

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While my rock star days are way past me, my needs (and willingness to spend like a rock star) for the absolute best iPod speakers is pretty high, so I plunked down the money for the Ultimate Ears. Their three way speaker system is technically pretty impressive considering the whole system fits right in your ears. While I will likely never grace a stage again for one of my Nigel Tufnell-like guitar solos, I can hide in First Class with a world of music on my iPod touch that delivers my entire music collection without compression to me in the palm of my hand literally anywhere I am in the world. That is incredibly valuable to me.

Sonically, the Ultimate Ears UE11pro is a juggernaut. They are the most neutral, accurate in-ear monitor you can buy. They have dynamics, impressive bass and pretty fantastic imaging without the worry of in-room acoustics. The flavor of these speakers is distinctly professional audio meaning they sound dry. There is no bump or tweak that helps MP3s sound better. Use your iPod for that with their built-in equalizer because these headphones are scary accurate.

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