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Ultimate Ears UE11pro In-ear Headphones

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High Points
- You can't get a more accurate in-ear headphone. You could argue that you couldn't get a more accurate headphone at any level. With that said, I can't see you dragging a Stax tube headphone system with you on a Boeing 777 or Gulfstream G450 from London to Los Angeles unless you were a true mad man.
- The bass is better than you expect.
- The dynamics are killer on these headphones. They are transient, fast and responsive even when you pipe in crappy, compressed audio. Ear buds can kiss my ass.

Low Points
- You must get a professional fitting to make these headphones fit your ears.
- I never was able to make these in-ear monitor fit my ears correctly despite Ultimate Ears' willingness to fit them over and over again. Literally, they were painful for me to have in my ears but don't write too much into that other than they didn't fit will in my ears. They fit in nearly every rock star's ears without issue and while I can be a diva - I am nothing like some of these superstars. Also note that there are softer pieces that can be fitted onto the end of your UE11pro in-ear headphones to add to their comfort.

If you are looking for the most high-end in-ear headphones on the planet - look no farther than the Ultimate Ears UE11pros. They are something to truly behold. They are not plug and play earphones. They are professional audio devices capable of dropping the noise threshold around you by meaningful levels while providing you incredible dynamics, audiophile sound and more. If money isn't the issue in your pursuit of the ultimate sound for your iPod then you must consider Ultimate Ears UE11pro in-ear monitors.

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