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Ultralink is one of the biggest audio-video cable brands from Canada packing a full line of home theater oriented products. This is the sister brand of XLO Cables which is more of an audiophile brand of cables as compared with Ultralink which is more home theater and video oriented.

The brand's heart and soul was an executive named Don Bouchard who tragically died in a motorcycle accident in 2008. Since then the company has changed PR firms, hired and unceremoniously fired many top level AV industry executives trying unsuccessfully to reach their past potential in the market place. We are hoping someday they right the ship.


Ultralink makes audio cables, interconnects, HDMI cables, video connectors, power products and many other products.

Ultralink competes with companies like Audioquest, Kimber Kable, Cardas, Transparent, Monster and many others in the specialty AV space.


1951 South Lynx Avenue
Ontario, CA 91781

(909) 947-6960 - tel