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UltraViolet Content Begins to Gather Support

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UltraViolet-logo.jpgAccording to TWICE, the UltraViolet digital content system we reported on a few months ago has begun to gather support and solidify as a service. The service could, in fact, still become a strong competitor in the home video marketplace.

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Mark Teitell, executive director and general manager of the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), which is a group of more than 70 companies connected to the film and consumer electronics industries to develop and promote UltraViolet, claimed that the service has made a lot of progress since its launch in 2011. UltraViolet has managed to get three movie studios - Warner Bros., Sony, and Universal - on board, with Paramount soon to follow.

Since the launch of the service, 20 titles have been added to the UltraViolet library. That number is expected to grow to at least 100 Blu-ray titles during 2012. UltraViolet has managed to draw in 1 million subscribers. That number is expected to grow with Samsung and Panasonic expected to market Blu-ray players with built-in UltraViolet support.

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