Home Theater Review


Unique Home Theater Installations

ID-100152299.jpgSo you've got the projector, the speakers, and a nice A/V receiver? But if you want to give your home theater a unique personality, check out the gallery below.

Twenty years ago if you had a home theater you were the envy of everyone on the block. These days it seems like everyone has a home theater. With technology getting cheaper and ticket prices getting higher, more people are willing to invest their money in a quality home theater now more than ever. And while the components that make up a home theater are important, sometimes the overall look and feel stand out and really make a home theater shine. And these days people are willing to spend big to get the look they want.

What's more is that there are now professional installers that focus entirely on the home theater industry. The only object is your imagination and your budget. Some of the galleries below include a recreated spaceship deck, a 50's diner-style theater, and the interior of the Titanic. 

In the gallery below there are plenty of ideas for interesting home theater designs that will help make yours stand out from the rest. For advice on what type of gear to fill it with check out out our gear review sections, and for installers in your area check out our AV Dealer and Installer News.

(Designs by Acoustic Smart, Donny Hackett Design, Ask the Advisors, and Silver Screen and Sound.)