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Usher Audio


Designed and manufactured in Taiwan for over 30 years, Usher Audio offers a comprehensive line of affordable and reference grade in-room loudspeakers produced with incredible craftsmanship and a unique cosmetic combination of wood and metal, along with a complementary line of surround processors, amplifiers and preamplifiers. Usher loudspeaker products are co-designed by the legendary Joseph D'Appolito (also of Snell), and feature Beryllium tweeters and exclusive Symme-Motion technology for optimal voice coil centering.


Usher's most notable products include:
• Usher Audio Dancer One
• Usher Audio CP-6311 Speakers
• Usher Audio X-718 Bookshelf Speakers
• Usher Audio V-Series 604 speakers

Usher's fit and finish is fantastic for its price range and the audiophile press from the likes of The Absolute Sound and Stereophile rave about their speakers.

Compare Usher Audio with speakers sold direct like Aperion Audio as well as traditional speaker brands like THIEL, MartinLogan, PSB, Verity Audio, Anthony Gallo Acoustics and many others.

Email: usher@ms11.hinet.net

Usher Audio

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