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Valve Amplification Company


Founded in 1990, Valve Amplification Company has consistently produced some of the world's finest and most critically acclaimed tube-based amplifiers, preamplifiers, and even a D/A Converter. To re-issue some of its most classic products, Marantz enlisted the assistance of VAC. VAC places a tremendous emphasis on listening in honing its designs, putting in at least one thousand hours for each product.

Valve Amplification Company or "VAC" as they are known is famous for products like the...


VAC Statement 450 Monoblock power amps
VAC Phi 300.1a mono amps
VAC Phi.200 stereo-mono amps
VAC Signature Preamp MKIIa preamp
VAC Renaissance Preamp MK III
VAC Phi Alpha D/A converter
VAC Integrated Amp with phono

Compare VAC with Audio Research, Jadis, Balanced Audio Technologies and Einstein.

Email: info@vac-amps.com

Valve Amplification Company

1911 N. East Avenue
Sarasota, FL 34234

941.952.9695 - tel
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