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Vandersteen Audio


Vandersteen Audio is one of the most polarizing brands of speakers in the specialty audio-video space. Vandersteen's form factor is anything but sexy however their smooth, warm sound has seduced more than one audiophile. When paired with tube electronics from the likes of Audio Research - Vandersteen Audio is a warm audio hug that many other speaker brands simply can not deliver.


Vandersteen Audio is famous for products like:

• Vandersteen Model 5a
• Vandersteen 3a Signature
• Vandersteen Model 1C
• Vandersteen Model 7 speakers
• Vandersteen VCC--5 Center Chanel speaker
• Vandersteen 2WQ Subwoofer

Compare Vandersteen Audio with brands like Polk Audio and Aperion Audio.

Vandersteen Audio

116 West Fourth Street
Hanford, CA 93230

(559) 582-0324 - tel