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Vapor Audio

Vapor-Audio-logo-brand-page.jpgVapor Audio manufacturers a full line of home audio loudspeakers to fit any room size or budget. In addition to standard configurations, any of the speakers in its lineup can be customized with unlimited finish options and/or internal component upgrades.

Vapor Audio uses only the finest drivers and internal components available from names like RAAL, AudioTechnology, Accuton, and VH Audio. Cabinets are built with a focus on aesthetics, and complete elimination of resonances and edge diffraction. Technologies such as stacked ply laminations, multi-layer pre-tensioned panels, Finite Element Analysis, and our proprietary "Inversion Layer" are employed to accomplish these goals. And with a direct to the customer business model, can be delivered to the purchaser at incredible value.

Vapor-Audio-Stiff-Breeze-bookshelf-speaker-review-close-up.jpgSpeakers in the Vapor Audio line are available in "Black" for a more full and rich presentation, and "White" for those preferring a fast and lively sound.

Notable products:
Vapor Audio Breeze and Stiff Breeze

Owner/Designer: Ryan Scott

Vapor Audio

5962 Town and Country Lane
House Springs, MO 63051

636-375-0086 - tel